How much does it cost to…..

Gain emergency entry to my house/business premises?

Labour is charged at £60/hr (Min. 1hr) between 8am and 6pm, Mon-Fri. At all other times, labour is charged at £80/hr (Min. 1hr). For any jobs that require more than 1hr labour, time is billed by the quarter hour, at the hourly rates as shown above. For example, a job totalling 80 minutes at 4pm on a Thursday will incur a total charge of £90 (£60 + two quarters @ £15ea = £90). PLEASE NOTE: There are very few jobs that take more than an hour, and we can give you a better indication once on site.

In the unlikely event that we are able to gain entry in a non-destructive manner (ie we have to drill your lock), replacements will be fitted at an extra cost on top of labour at the manufacturers RRP.

Gain emergency entry to my car?

Well, it’s cheaper than breaking a window! Breaking a window usually doesn’t do anything because the doors will likely be deadlocked and can’t be opened from the inside anyway! The only way in is usually to pick the lock. Due to the complexity of the locks on modern cars, and the astronomic cost of the tools required, we charge a flat rate of £120 for Fords, and all vehicles that have laser keys, or the standard hourly rates as above for older vehicles with the traditional double-edged key. Not sure which category your vehicle falls in? If it’s newer than 2003, then it probably has a laser key.

Change my locks?

There are three main types of lock:

  1. Euro (used on PVC/composite doors – you typically have to lift the handle up before you’re able to turn the key)
  2. Nightlatch (often known as a “Yale” type lock – normally installed at shoulder height on wooden doors, you need a key from the outside, but only need to twist the knob on the inside)
  3. Mortise deadbolt (this is the traditional “Chubb” style lock, featuring the long tubular type key with the little bit looking like it’s hanging off the end like a set of curtains)

All the locks vary substantially in price, and can cost anywhere from £12.75 to upwards of £250. Each situation is different, and will depend on how many locks require changing, as well as the type of locks being installed. For example: using average quality locks on 4 PVC doors would attract a fee of just under £200 during the business hours specified above, and just under £220 outside business hours.